September: The best month to boat

Many people see Labor Day as the end of the summer: August vacations are in the rear view mirror, kids are going back to school,...Continue reading

Take boating safety personally: With personal floating devices

It’s a beautiful day on the lake. The water’s calm. Who needs a life jacket? You and your passengers do. According...Continue reading

Get wise and winterize!

It’s sad but true: the end of the Lake County boating season is looming. It’s time to start thinking about protecting...Continue reading

Keep your vinyl clean and stain-free

Hey Lake County boaters! The vinyl on your boat is tough and made for exposure to the elements. But it’s not indestructible. It...Continue reading

It’s time to take inventory

When you’re about to winterize your boat, it’s also time to take a detailed inventory of your gear. Comb through the...Continue reading

Time to ‘Light Up’—with LED marine lighting

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have created a revolution in marine lighting. Efficient, long-lasting and bright, LEDs aid in safety at night and allow illumination to be...Continue reading

Fisherman’s Report: Largemouth Bass

Fishing in Lake County?  Largemouth bass should be on your list. You’ll find this prized sport fish in most Lake County lakes...Continue reading

Smoke on the water: Grilling on your boat

Why limit yourself to grilling on shore, when you can do it on your boat? Food just seems to taste better when you’re...Continue reading

Beat the sun with a top-rated sunscreen

Going boating on the lakes and waterways of Lake County? Treat your sunscreen as essential safety equipment. Remember, on the water you’re not...Continue reading

Fisherman's Report: Northern Pike

The northern pike is a fantastic fish to seek out when you’re lake fishing in Lake County because of its size, strength and...Continue reading

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