Smoke on the water: Grilling on your boat

Why limit yourself to grilling on shore, when you can do it on your boat? Food just seems to taste better when you’re...Continue reading

Beat the sun with a top-rated sunscreen

Going boating on the lakes and waterways of Lake County? Treat your sunscreen as essential safety equipment. Remember, on the water you’re not...Continue reading

Fisherman's Report: Northern Pike

The northern pike is a fantastic fish to seek out when you’re lake fishing in Lake County because of its size, strength and...Continue reading

Three knots you should know

Going out on a Lake County lake or waterway? Here are three knots everyone should know for safe boating, mooring and docking. Figure-Eight The figure-eight...Continue reading

Get the In’s and Out’s of Lake County Boat Ramps

Unless you have a boat slip or are boating on Lake Michigan or the Fox Waterway, your boating experience in Lake County will involve boat...Continue reading

Celebrate Venetian Night on Fox Lake

Don’t miss the fun and ‘oohs-and-ahhhs’ of Fox Lake’s 9th Annual Venetian Night and Block Party on Saturday, August 6...Continue reading

Keeping your stainless steel stainless

The fittings on your boat may be called “stainless steel,” but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Here are some...Continue reading

Bowriders: Family-friendly plus performance

Looking for a family-friendly boat that’s easy to tow and launch and comes with ample power and performance? Think bowrider. Thanks in large...Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Boating is Great for Families with Kids...

Finding things to do that you can share with your kids can be challenging. A beautiful day of boating on Lake County lakes and waterways...Continue reading

Fox Lake: A beautiful link in the Chain

If you're looking for a lively lake with lots to do, Fox Lake is a great choice. At 1,810 acres, Fox Lake is the largest...Continue reading

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