Additional New Law for Lake County Boaters

Last week, we touched on the new conservation laws implemented for boaters in Lake County.

To recap the SB 3434 law suggests that a Lake County boater could have their boat seized if a sizeable amount of liquor or 10 + cartons of cigarettes are on board. The law also indicates that if drugs or alchohol is used in a high amount and cause bodily harm, disfigurement or death to another individual you could have your boat not only seized, but also receive a suspension or revocation of your license.

The SB3433 is a law that specifies that anyone born after January 1, 1998 must pass a boating safety class. The Wauconda Park District is providing all boaters in Lake County an About Boating Safety Course (at $31.00). Featured in the class, you will obtain a boating license or safety certification. You will learn about boating laws, safety equipment, navigation, boating problems and much more.

Another new conservation law enforced by the Department of Natural Resources is the orange flag you must fly over your watercraft during towing purposes.

“The operator of any watercraft that is towing a person or persons shall display on the watercraft a bright or brilliant orange flag measuring not less than 12 inches per side."

"The flag shall be displayed at the highest point of the area surrounding the boat’s helm as to be visible from all directions, continuously, while the person or persons being towed depart the boat in preparation for towing and until reentry into the boat when the activity has ceased.  Display of the flag for purposes than the activity described in this section is prohibited.”

So remember when you’re getting your boat ready to coast on Lake Michigan, Chain O’ Lakes, Spring Lake or any of the other 70-something lakes out in Lake County, be prepared for the new laws at hand.

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