Bar Rescue at Dirty Rooster in Antioch

The Dirty Rooster in Antioch received a makeover from Spike TV's Bar Rescue!  The TV crew appeared for this Chain O' Lakes location for the reveal on Friday September 26, 2014. The episode, 'Swinging from the Rafters,' was aired nationally on November 23rd .

Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue, was successful in saving Dirty Rooster. Taffer and his team coined the name Lake Marie Lodge to rename the bar. Before saving his bar, Lake Marie Lodge owner Rob struggled with a debt over $110,000, a drinking problem (selling liquor for $1.00-2.00 and consuming much of his product), his staff didn't respect him and his investors were in verbal battles about their investment and the future of his bar. Rob saw his detrimental ways and worked diligently with Taffer and co. to remedy his issues.

At the end of the episode, Rob made amends with his partners, employees and himself. The Antioch establishment received some much needed upgrades to their furniture, decor and inventory. We learn from the episode that since Taffer left Lake Marie Lodge's doors six weeks had passed from the taping. Lake Marie Lodge had lucrative results after the visit and it was indicated that their food and beverage sales were up 70 percent. We also find out that Rob was operating his business sober.

Currently, Lake Marie Lodge still retains the name The Dirty Rooster as their website and URL. When you look at their homepage, it indicates that the restaurant/bar still acknowledges the name Lake Marie Lodge. On their Facebook page, their banner still sports the Dirty Rooster logo, but the profile picture is the logo for Lake Marie Lodge. Even though many of the drinks that Taffer and his team implemented are not listed on the online menu, Facebook, Yelp and the Lake Marie Lodge website all have high reviews since the visit. Also, according to their web page, Lake Marie Lodge has become a music venue as well.

Go out and experience this staple of Antioch and Chain O' Lakes at 25855 W. Route 173 to discover a fine Lake County Boating establishment.



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