Fisherman’s Report: Walleye

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One of Lake County's most sought-after game fish, the walleye---also known as "pickerel" or "walleyed pike"---is prized for the challenge of hooking one, and for its delicious white, flaky filets.

Lake County's many lakes and waterways offer excellent opportunities for fishing for walleye--particularly in the Fox Waterway's Chain O'Lakes, a region which attracts not only amateur anglers from all over the Midwest, but also is the home base for the World Walleye Association's Tournament Trail, a popular series of catch-and-release fishing competitions.

The name "walleye" comes from the fact that the fish's eyes point outward, as if looking at the walls. The eyes also have a unique, reflective light-gathering layer, which allows the fish to see well at night, in murky water, and other low-light conditions.

Walleye can reach lengths of over 30 inches and 10 pounds or more. Highly adaptable, walleye can be found in many types of lakes and rivers. They like slightly turbid water conditions and rocky bottoms with drop-offs.

There are three popular methods used to catch walleyes, depending on location and conditions: jigging (a lure that bounces along the bottom), using a slip bobber (which helps suspend bait deeper than a traditional fixed bobber) and casting crank bait (another method to get your lure farther down the water column).

Whether you're looking for an exciting "catch-and-release," or are casting for a meal featuring one of the best-tasting fresh-water fish, you can't go wrong with the walleye from lakes and rivers in Lake County.




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