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Fish­ing in Lake Coun­ty: Yel­low Perch


Ah! There’s noth­ing bet­ter fry­ing in a pan than yel­low perch fil­lets. A pop­u­lar sport fish, yel­low perch are sought for their deli­cious, mild flavor.

Yel­low perch are one of the most adapt­able of preda­to­ry fish. They can be found in ponds, lakes and slow-mov­ing rivers and streams. They tol­er­ate water that is acidic or oxy­gen-deprived. They thrive close to the shore amid aquat­ic veg­e­ta­tion and also can be found up in waters up to 40 feet deep. And they can be found feed­ing at any time, mak­ing for great night fish­ing. Perch have tol­er­ance to both high­er water tem­per­a­tures (up to 85°F!) and cool­er tem­per­a­tures. They remain active year-round, per­fect for the ice fisher.

Spawn­ing nor­mal­ly occurs in April or ear­ly May, clos­er to the shore. Yel­low perch often trav­el in large schools, and can be caught rapid­ly, with adults rang­ing in length from 4” to 10”. Because they pre­fer cool­er tem­per­a­tures, the best fish­ing is usu­al­ly in deep water. Yel­low perch are pri­mar­i­ly bot­tom feed­ers with a slow delib­er­ate bite. They eat almost any­thing, but pre­fer min­nows, insect lar­vae, plank­ton, and worms. Tack­le may range from a sim­ple han­d­line or a fly rod in sum­mer to a short, whip­py, jig­ging rod in winter.

So get the fry­ing pan ready. Yel­low perch is on the menu — part of the boun­ty of Lake Coun­ty.

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