It’s time to take inventory

When you’re about to winterize your boat, it’s also time to take a detailed inventory of your gear. Comb through the boat thoroughly, discarding items you don’t need and keeping a list of what’s valuable.

Make a list of essentials that should be repaired or replaced—such as new fenders or engine components. Make sure your safety gear—life jackets, emergency lights, radio, etc.—are operational and in good repair. Remove batteries to avoid corrosion. .

List all gear, such as electronics, binoculars, outboard motors, etc., by brand, model and serial number. Keep this inventory at home and keep a copy on your boat for quick reference in case you find something missing.

And if you haven’t done so already, photograph or video your boat from several different angles. Permanently mark your driver's license number on the boat in a location that is not readily accessible or noticeable. The same should apply to the trailer. As for your equipment, electronics and other items, use some method of permanently marking them as well.


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