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Time to Light Up’ — with LED marine lighting

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have created a revolution in marine lighting. Efficient, long-lasting and bright, LEDs aid in safety at night and allow illumination to be added anywhere it’s needed. Most new boats feature LED lighting. But older boats, with incandescent lights, can be retrofitted with LEDs. You’ll find marine LEDs in navigation, spreader, search, underwater and cabin lighting. LEDs draw little power, so there’s less worry about overloading circuits and draining batteries. LEDs also…

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Fisherman’s Report: Large­mouth Bass

Fishing in Lake County? Largemouth bass should be on your list. You’ll find this prized sport fish in most Lake County lakes and waterways. The largemouth bass closely resembles the smallmouth bass, but can be distinguished by the fact that its mouth extends at least to, and often beyond the rear edge of the eyes. Also, its first and second dorsal fins are separated by an obvious deep dip. The largemouth bass is an…

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Smoke on the water: Grilling on your boat

Why limit yourself to grilling on shore, when you can do it on your boat? Food just seems to taste better when you’re out enjoying a lake or waterway in Lake County. And grilling adds a lot more versatility to on-the-water mealtime: Chicken legs, shish kabobs, bacon-wrapped shrimp, grilled asparagus…the list is endless. There’s a wide selection of grills suitable for a boat. And with the proper hardware you can mount these grills on…

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Beat the sun with a top-rat­ed sunscreen

Going boating on the lakes and waterways of Lake County? Treat your sunscreen as essential safety equipment. Remember, on the water you’re not only exposed to the sun’s skin-damaging radiation from above, but also from reflections. This year, a leading consumer magazine tested over 65 sunscreens with an SPF of 30—which is the minimum recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology. Their findings: Chemical-based sunscreens out-performed "natural" or mineral-based formulas. Lotion-based sunscreens are typically…

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Fisherman’s Report: North­ern Pike

The northern pike is a fantastic fish to seek out when you’re lake fishing in Lake County because of its size, strength and fighting ability. You’ll enjoy the challenge of aerial acrobatics and explosive hits from this magnificent fish. The Northern Pike is among the largest North American freshwater game fish and can grow more than three feet long and weigh as much as 30 pounds, and even more in the Great Lakes area.…

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Three knots you should know

Going out on a Lake County lake or waterway? Here are three knots everyone should know for safe boating, mooring and docking. If you’re not adept at tying these knots, you soon will be. Get yourself some line and practice at home, so you’ll be ready when you’re on the water in Lake County. …

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Boat Ramps

Unless you have a boat slip or are boating on Lake Michigan or the Fox Waterway, your boating experience in Lake County will involve boat ramps and launches. And we have plenty. Most of our navigable public lakes and waterways have at least one marina or public boat access. Just to mention a few of them, there are a number of boat ramps on Chain O’Lakes: There are free ramps located in Chain O’Lakes…

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Cel­e­brate Venet­ian Night on Fox Lake

Don’t miss the fun and ‘oohs-and-ahhhs’ of Fox Lake’s 9th Annual Venetian Night and Block Party on Saturday, August 6 from 6 p.m. to midnight. Decorate your boat and be a part of the awe-inspiring Venetian Night boat parade. Or come out and watch, either on your boat or sitting on the shore as beautifully decked-out boats pass by. There is no cost to watch, but there is a $25 fee per boat in…

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Keep­ing your stain­less steel stainless

The fittings on your boat may be called “stainless steel,” but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Here are some tips for keeping stainless steel stainless: Clean stainless frequently with soap and water. Any cleaner safe for glass is usually safe for stainless. Remove rust spots as soon as possible with a cleaner made for stainless steel, brass, silver or chrome. For added protection, use a good car wax after cleaning and drying. Never use…

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Bowrid­ers: Fam­i­ly-friend­ly plus performance

Looking for a family-friendly boat that’s easy to tow and launch and comes with ample power and performance? Think bowrider. Thanks in large part to abundant seating in the open bow up front—which gives the boat its name—bowriders, by a three-to-one margin, are the most popular choice among runabouts and sport boats you’ll find on the lakes of Lake County. These comfortable boats come in lengths from 16 to 24 feet. But sitting and…

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