Safety First: Know your throwable

No one plans to go overboard when boating in Lake County. But if someone does, you should immediately deploy a U.S. Coast Guard-approved throwable personal flotation device.

Also known as a Type IV, the throwable is one of the most underrated pieces of safety equipment on your boat.

At least one is required on all boats 16 feet and over. But, actually, a throwable should be present on smaller boats as well.

There are three main types of throwables: seat cushions, horseshoes and rings, the latter two, which are larger, are usually mounted on the boat.

A throwable serves two functions: One, it gives the person something to swim to and helps them stay buoyant. Two, it marks the spot where the person went in the water.

After tossing the throwable, the job’s not done. You need to keep your eyes on the person and continue pointing at them until the boat draws near. It’s easy to lose sight of someone in the water even if its calm.

So, stay in the know-able about your throwable.

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