SUP Yoga: Experience inner stillness on the water

Yoga on a paddleboard? Absolutely. And if you haven’t tried this wonderful fusion yet on a Lake County lake, it’s time to get started.

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest-growing watersport in the world. And no wonder, it’s fun, easy to learn and adaptable to every level of skill. All you need is a board, a paddle and a floatation device.

Add in yoga, and you have something truly unique. Keeping the board stable as you move through a sequence of postures (asanas), improves balance, enhances focus and works muscles to build your core strength. And the summer breeze, the sun on your skin and your closeness to the water creates a relaxing serenity that allows you to concentrate on your breath.

Stand Up and Flow in Wauconda offers SUP yoga sessions—from beginning to advanced—on beautiful Bangs Lake. They’ll provide a board for a small fee, or you can bring your own. So get ready to practice your Eagle Pose this summer on the water in Lake County. Om…/assets/uploads/images/yoga.jpg

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