The Prohibition Era on the Fox Chain O’ Lakes

As many know, alcohol was outlawed by the Prohibition law (as well as anti-gaming) from 1919-1933.

What many don’t know is that the Chain O’ Lakes was also defiant on those laws as well.

Federal and state attorney agents had to obtain permission from Lake County State’s Attorneys before they could get rid of check businesses in the local communities for illegal gambling and alcohol violations.

The Fox Chain O’ Lakes resort and hotel owners received a heads up whenever law enforcement was in the area because of the private telephone services they had to receive tips. That said these hotels and resorts would always be ready for audits by law enforcement officials.

Chicago businessmen and politicians throughout the prohibition years endorsed these actions by the owners because they lived in these hotels and resorts over the summers. In Pistakee Bay, Republican state senators, state representatives, Chicago mayors, Chicago and Cook County officials all called Fox Chain O’ Lakes home.

On the other hand, crime syndicate kingpins also lived here, for example the likes of Al Capone, Bugs Moran and other connected families.

This doesn’t say anything of this prestigious area’s history. To receive more information about the prohibition era and other historical goodies in regards to the history of the Chain O’ Lakes, there are published works including The History of Boating on the Fox Chain O’ Lakes written by David D. Lester and other books like Arcadia.

*historic background contents used in this blog are found in The History of Boating on the Fox Chain O’ Lakes by author David D. Lester.*

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