Boating Apps

These are some of our favorite boating apps for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Lake Finder (IOS)

    Lake Finder provides you with easy access to location, amenity, fishing and weather information for more than 30,000 Lakes, Reservoirs and Waterways in the United States.

  • Boat Ramps (IOS & Android)

    Boat Ramps from is an exciting new app that lets you quickly locate and get directions to more than 35,000 boat ramps throughout the U.S.

  • Knot Time (IOS)

    Without a doubt, the best way to learn how to tie knots.

  • Boater's Pocket Reference (IOS)

    Hundreds of pages of boating information on your iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad! The Boater’s Pocket Reference caters to all levels of boating expertise with a wide variety of content including 800 illustrations and photographs and a myriad of charts and graphs.

  • The Weather Channel (IOS & Android)