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Boating comes in many forms, from sleek runabouts and sailboats to the latest trends— kayaking and paddle boarding. Whichever way you enjoy the lake life, you’ll find Lake County Illinois your boating dream come true. Embark and enjoy! Boat​ingLake​Coun​ty​.com is here to be your planning resource.


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Grass Lake: the Third Largest Lake in the Chain

A hundred years ago, Grass Lake wasn’t really a lake at all. It was a huge marsh whose expansive lotus beds, with their intensely colored blossoms, were the region’s top tourist attraction from the late 19th through early 20th centuries. It wasn’t until a dam was built in 1907, that the water levels rose high enough to transform the wetlands into a shallow lake. At 1,360 acres, Grass Lake is the third largest of the…

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Land a Big One on a Charter Fishing Excursion!

Whether you’re an experienced angler looking for some exceptional game fish action, or looking for a great way to share an adventure with your friends or family, Waukegan Harbor & Marina and North Point Marina at Winthrop Harbor should definitely be your ports of call. You’ll find the Coho salmon running in late spring, lake trout biting in mid-summer and the magnificent Chinook salmon come home to spawn in late summer and early fall. You’ll…

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A Better Burger

It’s hard to beat a fresh, juicy burger topped with melty cheese on a soft, chewy bun. Unless you add a sparkling lake in beautiful Lake County to the recipe. If you’ve been disappointed in the past by dry and flavorless hamburgers, it’s time you had a better burger. At home: 1. A better burger starts with the meat: high-quality chuck steak coarsely ground that’s 80% lean and 20% fat (80/20). 2. Shape each patty…

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