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A Better Burger


Tips on cooking a juicier, more flavorful burger on your boat’s grill

It’s hard to beat a fresh, juicy burger topped with melty cheese on a soft, chewy bun. Unless you add a sparkling lake in beautiful Lake County to the recipe. If you’ve been disappointed in the past by dry and flavorless hamburgers, it’s time you had a better burger.

At home:

1. A better burger starts with the meat: high-quality chuck steak coarsely ground that’s 80% lean and 20% fat (80÷20).

2. Shape each patty loosely with your hands to form a ball weighing around five ounces. Careful, if you overwork the patty it will turn tough while cooking.

3. Gently pat the ball into a disk about 1” in height and a bit wider than the bun you’ll be using. 

4. Season both sides of the patty liberally with kosher salt and ground black pepper. 

5. Press your thumb into the center to make a divot. Trust us, this will help the patty keep its shape while cooking.

6. Refrigerate until cooking time.

On the boat:

1. Grill directly on high heat to seal the patty and form a flavorful crust. 

2. Flip the burger once. Avoid the temptation to press on the burger with the spatula to speed cooking; you’ll be squeezing all the juiciness out of it.

3. For a medium-done burger, cook around 5 minutes per side.

4. To add cheese, move the burger to the cool side of the grill, top with a slice and cover for 30 seconds.

5. Let the burger rest” five minutes before serving, so the juices can settle. 

6. Add condiments of your choice.

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