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Be safe! Five important things to do before launching your boat this spring.

Boat Prep

It’s finally boating season on the beautiful lakes and waterways of Lake County. Make sure it’s a safe one. Before you launch your boat for the first time, check these five vital elements to ensure that your boat is truly good to go:

  1. Inspect your trailer. How are the tires? Are the tie-down straps showing wear? Test out the brake and other lighting.
  2. Is your drain plug installed? You may think it’s a no-brainer, but check it just the same.
  3. Check all fluids, and top-off or change as needed. That includes power steering fluid, gear lube, oil and coolant.
  4. What’s the condition of your battery? How well does it hold a charge? As a rule of thumb, your battery should be replaced every 23 years depending on use, no matter what its condition.
  5. Are all your gauges and instrument lights working? Check them: fuel, trim, bilge and any others. And while you’re at it, check to see if all your navigation lights light up.

Bonus item! Make sure all of your safety equipment is on board and in good repair. That includes: distress signals and horn, life jackets and whistles (1 for each passenger), first aid kit, weather radio, flashlight, fire extinguisher and extra batteries for devices.

Everything ship-shape? Then let’s go boating!

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