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Bowriders: Family-friendly plus performance


Looking for a family-friendly boat that’s easy to tow and launch and comes with ample power and performance? Think bowrider. Thanks in large part to abundant seating in the open bow up front—which gives the boat its name—bowriders, by a three-to-one margin, are the most popular choice among runabouts and sport boats you’ll find on the lakes of Lake County.

These comfortable boats come in lengths from 16 to 24 feet. But sitting and enjoying the ride isn’t all the fun. Most bowriders have a tow eye at the stern, ready to tow a skier, wake boarder, or tube. Some have or can accept a pylon (a tower or other elevated attachment) for a rope. Bowriders often are equipped with a swim platform and a ladder for entering and exiting the water.

Most bowriders are powered by sterndrive—called inboard/outboard—though outboard engines are more popular in salt water.

Bowriders have hulls with a V‑shape and come to a point at the bow. That helps them turn a bit sharper, especially at higher speeds, and handle rough water better.

Bowriders are available in many different brands and a wide range of price point options. Two dealers we’d recommend are SkipperBud’s and Gordy’s for their inventory selection and exceptional customer service. Both of these retailers can help you find the perfect boat to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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