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Part of keeping your boat shipshape is keeping it clean. A problem arises when cleaning your boat in or near the water.

Many commercial cleaners have ingredients that can harm aquatic life and the environment, even if used correctly. You can do your part in protecting the delicate ecology of the lakes and rivers in Lake County

First, rinse your boat with fresh water immediately after every use. This will reduce your need for cleaners. Next, use greener’ cleaner alternatives. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has some recommendations:

Cleaning Product Cleaning Alternative
Bleach Borax or hydrogen peroxide
Scouring Powders Baking soda & elbow grease
Fiberglas Stain Remover Baking soda paste, scrub pad & elbow grease
Window cleaner Vinegar & lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water
Chrome cleaner Lemon or lime juice & salt
Lockertop cleaner White vinegar & water
Shower cleaner Baking soda, scouring cloth & warm water. Do a final wipe with lemon or lime juice
Drain opener Boiling water & plunger or plumber’s snake. Toxic substances should never be used in thru-hull drains!
Wood polish Olive or almond oil for interior wood.

Use the right cleaners, and you’ll help keep Lake County lakes cleaner for everyone.

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