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Part of keep­ing your boat ship­shape is keep­ing it clean. A prob­lem aris­es when clean­ing your boat in or near the water.

Many com­mer­cial clean­ers have ingre­di­ents that can harm aquat­ic life and the envi­ron­ment, even if used cor­rect­ly. You can do your part in pro­tect­ing the del­i­cate ecol­o­gy of the lakes and rivers in Lake County

First, rinse your boat with fresh water imme­di­ate­ly after every use. This will reduce your need for clean­ers. Next, use green­er’ clean­er alter­na­tives. The U.S. Coast Guard Aux­il­iary has some recommendations:

Clean­ing Product Clean­ing Alternative
Bleach Borax or hydro­gen peroxide
Scour­ing Powders Bak­ing soda & elbow grease
Fiber­glas Stain Remover Bak­ing soda paste, scrub pad & elbow grease
Win­dow cleaner Vine­gar & lemon juice mixed in luke­warm water
Chrome cleaner Lemon or lime juice & salt
Lock­er­top cleaner White vine­gar & water
Show­er cleaner Bak­ing soda, scour­ing cloth & warm water. Do a final wipe with lemon or lime juice
Drain opener Boil­ing water & plunger or plumber’s snake. Tox­ic sub­stances should nev­er be used in thru-hull drains!
Wood polish Olive or almond oil for inte­ri­or wood.

Use the right clean­ers, and you’ll help keep Lake Coun­ty lakes clean­er for everyone.

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