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Five Ways to Get Through a Boat-less Winter.


When your boat is stored away for the next six months, you may start to experience the pangs of boating withdrawal.” Here are a few suggestions to keep that boating spirit alive while you’re on shore leave.”

1. Practice your navigation and docking skills on your smartphone.The BoatMaster app accurately simulates maneuvering and docking motorboats, sailboats and houseboats under different wind and current conditions. It’s a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

2. Take a boating class.If you haven’t taken an approved boating safety course, now is the time. If you already have your certificate, sign up for an advanced course to build your skills. Classroom courses are offered locally. Some classes are also offered online. 

3. Get some new toys.There are more ways to enjoy tubing than ever before. Here are some of the latest mind-boggling, heart-thumping inflatables ever to skitter across the water.

4. Take up ice fishing.You love being on the water in Lake County, don’t you? This winter, step out on a lake for a quiet day of ice fishing. Cast for bluegill, large-mouth bass, northern pike, white crappie, yellow bullhead, yellow perch or trout. All you need is an Illinois fishing license, ice auger, a milk crate for seating, a thermos of coffee…and patience. Here are some of Lake County’s ice fishing hotspots.”

5. Put your boat on a shelf. Make a scale replica of your boat. Enjoy taking on the creativity and craft designing your own mini me” of boats—you can choose the same colors, upholstery/​textures, decals and instrumentation. Afterwards, put it on display where you can look at it and dream of spring.

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