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Four Winterizing Tips for Savvy Boaters


Winterizing is essential if you want to protect your boat’s longevity and performance.
Dis​cover​Boat​ing​.com has a comprehensive winterizing guide. Here are a few extra insider” tips to keep your boat shipshape through the cold months.

  1. Don’t skimp on the boat cover. Cheap covers can let in water and tend to shred in heavy winds. Invest in a high-quality covering or get one custom-made. And think twice about shrink-wrapping. It may seem cheaper, but you’ll be paying for it every year.
  2. Tilt it. When you park your boat for the winter, tilt it bow up” as far as you can go. This will allow any accumulating rain and melting snow to drain out through the scuppers.
  3. Keep it dry. To help keep your boat free of mildew, put moisture and odor absorbers such as DampRid or ZoneDry in all enclosed spaces—cabin, lockers and under-the-cushions storage—just before you close up the boat.
  4. Take the weight off. Replacing tires on your trailer is expensive. Use trailer jacks to support the trailer frame so that all of the boat’s weight is not on the tires. 

Don’t want to do it yourself? SkipperBud’s offers winterization, and year-round secure storage. They’ll even pick up your boat in the fall and deliver it to you in the spring!

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