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Fuel for thought: Safe fuel­ing tips

Boat Fueling

Unlike cars, fuel­ing a boat safe­ly requires more than just fill­ing it up.’ Here are some tips every boater should know.


  • Get all pas­sen­gers off the boat.
  • Extin­guish any flames (like in onboard grills).
  • Close hatch­es and ports.


  • Attach a fuel catch­er” to the fuel vent.
  • Use an absorbent pad, bib, or fuel col­lar at the fuel fitting.
  • Cal­cu­late the fuel you’ll need using the rule of thirds’: 13 to reach your des­ti­na­tion, 13 to get back, and 13 for reserve.
  • Oper­ate the noz­zle by hand, (not by auto­mat­ic shut off’)
  • Fuel to a max­i­mum of 90% tank capac­i­ty (think ther­mal expansion’).


  • If you have an inboard engine, open the hatch to your engine compartment.
  • Check for the smell of fuel.
  • Leave the hatch open, so that air can cir­cu­late and remove any fumes.
  • Turn on the boat blow­er for a few minutes.
  • Every­one back on board. It’s time to enjoy the plea­sures of boat­ing in beau­ti­ful Lake County.

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