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It’s time to take inventory

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When you’re about to win­ter­ize your boat, it’s also time to take a detailed inven­to­ry of your gear. Comb through the boat thor­ough­ly, dis­card­ing items you don’t need and keep­ing a list of what’s valuable.

Make a list of essen­tials that should be repaired or replaced — such as new fend­ers or engine com­po­nents. Make sure your safe­ty gear — life jack­ets, emer­gency lights, radio, etc. — are oper­a­tional and in good repair. Remove bat­ter­ies to avoid corrosion. .

List all gear, such as elec­tron­ics, binoc­u­lars, out­board motors, etc., by brand, mod­el and ser­i­al num­ber. Keep this inven­to­ry at home and keep a copy on your boat for quick ref­er­ence in case you find some­thing missing.

And if you haven’t done so already, pho­to­graph or video your boat from sev­er­al dif­fer­ent angles. Per­ma­nent­ly mark your driver’s license num­ber on the boat in a loca­tion that is not read­i­ly acces­si­ble or notice­able. The same should apply to the trail­er. As for your equip­ment, elec­tron­ics and oth­er items, use some method of per­ma­nent­ly mark­ing them as well.

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