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Keep­ing your stain­less steel stainless

Boat Stainless

The fit­tings on your boat may be called stain­less steel,” but that doesn’t mean they’re inde­struc­tible. Here are some tips for keep­ing stain­less steel stainless:

  • Clean stain­less fre­quent­ly with soap and water. Any clean­er safe for glass is usu­al­ly safe for stainless.
  • Remove rust spots as soon as pos­si­ble with a clean­er made for stain­less steel, brass, sil­ver or chrome.
  • For added pro­tec­tion, use a good car wax after clean­ing and drying.
  • Nev­er use coarse abra­sives like sand­pa­per or steel wool.
  • Don’t use acids or bleach­es to clean.
  • Nev­er leave stain­less in con­tact with iron, steel or oth­er cor­rodi­ble metals.

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