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Recipe of the month: Margarita


Ah, a beau­ti­ful day of boat­ing on a Lake Coun­ty sum­mer day. What could be more per­fect? Adding a mar­gari­ta into the sce­nario. Crisp, cit­rusy with a touch of sweet­ness, a sun­ny mar­gari­ta is the per­fect sum­mer drink. There are pre-made mix­es out there. But why both­er? A made-from-scratch mar­gari­ta is supe­ri­or in every way. And just as sim­ple to make. You can also pre­pare a batch of mar­gar­i­tas ahead of time. To avoid dilut­ing, don’t add ice until you’re ready to serve. And remem­ber, don’t drink and drive.

2 ounces blan­co tequila 

Juice of 1 whole lime 

½ ounce triple sec, prefer­ably Cointreau 

Salt for rim (option­al)

Lime wedge, for garnish

Fill a cock­tail shak­er with ice and add tequi­la, lime juice and triple sec. Shake. Pour, with the ice, into a poly­car­bon­ate glass (salt rim first if you like). Gar­nish with wedge of lime.

Prefer to go out for margaritas? Relax lakeside at El Puerto Mexican Restaurant in Fox Lake. You'll find several varieties of margarita to choose from as well as authentic Mexican fare.

El Puerto Mexican Restaurant, 200 N. Forest Ave., Fox Lake, IL 60020


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