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Nation­al Safe­ty Month 2016 in Lake County

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Ahoy matey! All aboard the water con­junc­tion. With all of the water around Lake Coun­ty and the influ­ence of Naval Base Great Lakes every­one is steer­ing port­side and star­board in a ves­sel in one of 75 lakes in our area. But before you go off the deep end, remem­ber that this month marks North Amer­i­can Safe Boat­ing. Nobody wants some­thing to hap­pen while you’re enjoy­ing the ram­pant and/​or serene waters.

Nation­al Safe Boat­ing Week stretch­es from May 21 – 27, but it’s a prac­tice that we need to instill for more than just one week. The Wear it!’ Cam­paign pro­motes boat­ing safe­ty and life jack­et safe­ty by encour­ag­ing boaters to wear life jack­ets. Start off the boat­ing sea­son by help­ing set the next world record for the most life jack­ets worn at the same time – which is May 21. Ready, Set, Wear it! Is the moniker for Life Jack­et World Record Day on the afore­men­tioned day. The efforts of the cam­paign is to edu­cate the pub­lic about life jack­et wear and safe boat­ing. In the 2015 edi­tion of this cam­paign, over 10,000 par­tic­i­pat­ed in this event. Let’s break that record this year!

While we’re on the sub­ject here are some of your upcom­ing boat­ing and fish­ing events in Lake Coun­ty this month. Hap­py Boat­ing and Safe Trav­els out there on the waters!

Quick­Start Kayak
May 15; 9 am — Noon

Annu­al Carp Fish­ing Derby
May 21; 7:30 — 9:30 am

Lion Pride Big Bass Tournament
May 21; 6:30 am

59th Annu­al Des Plaines Riv­er Canoe and Kayak Marathon
May 22; 8 am

Pad­dle the Big Canoe: Inde­pen­dence Grove
May 25; 6:30 – 8:30 pm

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