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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Are you looking for wonderful and different ways to enjoy the gorgeous lakes and waterways of Lake County? Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is the fastest-growing watersport in the world. It's adaptable to different levels of ability, so people of an age and fitness can enjoy it. SUP is an inexpensive and easy way to get out on the water and enjoy nature. It is also healthful---giving you a full body workout to improve…

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Fisherman’s Report: Walleye

One of Lake County's most sought-after game fish, the walleye---also known as "pickerel" or "walleyed pike"---is prized for the challenge of hooking one, and for its delicious white, flaky filets. Lake County's many lakes and waterways offer excellent opportunities for fishing for walleye--particularly in the Fox Waterway's Chain O'Lakes, a region which attracts not only amateur anglers from all over the Midwest, but also is the home base for the World Walleye Association's Tournament…

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Lake of the Week: Diamond Lake

This beautiful, glacially formed, 153-acre lake is located in northeastern Lake County, within the Village of Mundelein. Diamond Lake is home to the popular Diamond Lake Beach and Recreation Center, which offers a sandy beach, grassy areas, and shaded picnic grove and is a summertime destination for swimming, boating, fishing, boat rentals and special events --- like the zany Cardboard Regatta, which will be held this year on August 6. In the 1800's to…

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Meet Captain Gregg Pupecki—Waukegan Harbor General Manager

Captain Gregg Pupecki has been around boats all his life: as a child growing up on the New England coast; as a commercial boat captain; and as an executive with Chicago’s Wendella Boats. And today, Gregg is still around boats…and then some. As the new General Manager for Lake County’s Waukegan Harbor, Gregg is responsible for day-to-day operations and planning for a harbor with a marina that has over 1,000 boat-slips. Recently, we talked with…

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Personal Watercraft Etiquette

Sure, they’re small and fun to operate. But with the horsepower of a large outboard engine and the acceleration of a motorcycle, personal watercraft (PWC) aren’t toys. It’s important to know how to stay safe when sharing the water. Here are a some important PWC safety and etiquette rules to live by: NEVER try and jump the wake of a passing boat. When coming up behind another craft, steer to the right and pass…

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Fisherman’s Report

Did you know that Lake Michigan is home to wild salmon from the Pacific Ocean? It’s true! There are two magnificent species you’ll find in Lake County—Chinook (King Salmon) and Coho (Silver Salmon)—and both are well worth seeking out, both for the enhanced strategic sport fishing level and for their delicious taste. Pacific salmon were originally introduced to control burgeoning populations of invasive alewives in the last century, and they’ve been a staple of…

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Fireworks in Lake County

There’s nothing like watching 4th of July fireworks on a lake. And in Lake County you’ll find plenty to choose from. Plus, on the shore, many celebrations offer music, food, fun activities, and even parades. Get ready to “Oooh” and “Ahhhh” as we light up the night on the lakes of Lake County. Here are some of your options: Blarney Island 4th of July Festival Weekend Friday July 01, 2016 - Monday July 04,…

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Towing? Make sure you’re showing’: Fly your flag!

Waterskiing, tubing and wake boarding are great ways to enjoy the lakes and waterways in Lake County. And keeping your passengers safe while they’re in the water is vital. So be aware that a 2015 Illinois state law now requires that any watercraft that is towing a person must display a bright orange or red flag—often called a ‘skier-down flag.’ The flag alerts other boaters there is someone being towed, and if they’re not…

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Summer boating: Here are some safety essentials

Wow, it’s officially summer—and with the warm weather comes lots of opportunities for great boating adventures in Lake County: cruising, waterskiing, sailing, fishing, jet skiing… there’s no end to the fun. When you go out on the water, make sure to keep these safety essentials on board with you: One Coast Guard-approved, properly fitting life jacket for each passenger. If your boat is 16 feet or longer, carry an additional throwable flotation device. Tip:…

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National Safety Month 2016 in Lake County

Ahoy matey! All aboard the water conjunction. With all of the water around Lake County and the influence of Naval Base Great Lakes everyone is steering portside and starboard in a vessel in one of 75 lakes in our area. But before you go off the deep end, remember that this month marks North American Safe Boating. Nobody wants something to happen while you’re enjoying the rampant and/or serene waters. National Safe Boating Week…

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