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Safe­ty First: Know your throwable


No one plans to go over­board when boat­ing in Lake Coun­ty. But if some­one does, you should imme­di­ate­ly deploy a U.S. Coast Guard-approved throw­able per­son­al flota­tion device.

Also known as a Type IV, the throw­able is one of the most under­rat­ed pieces of safe­ty equip­ment on your boat.

At least one is required on all boats 16 feet and over. But, actu­al­ly, a throw­able should be present on small­er boats as well.

There are three main types of throw­ables: seat cush­ions, horse­shoes and rings, the lat­ter two, which are larg­er, are usu­al­ly mount­ed on the boat.

A throw­able serves two func­tions: One, it gives the per­son some­thing to swim to and helps them stay buoy­ant. Two, it marks the spot where the per­son went in the water.

After toss­ing the throw­able, the job’s not done. You need to keep your eyes on the per­son and con­tin­ue point­ing at them until the boat draws near. It’s easy to lose sight of some­one in the water even if its calm.

So, stay in the know-able about your throwable.

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