Big Bear Lake

Vernon Hills, IL
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Century Park

8:00 am - Dusk


Big Bear Lake – 24.9 acres, deepest point is 20′ in the channel (Seavey Ditch) which runs through the lake. There are three access points by vehicle, with parking available; two off Lakeview Parkway (from the north, take Gregg’s Parkway to Lakeview and go south, and from the south, take Route 60 or Hawthorn Parkway to Lakeview, then go north) and one at the north end of Indianwood Drive (take Hawthorn Parkway to Indianwood Drive). There are multiple access points by bike or by foot, from all directions surrounding the lake.

The nearest drinking fountain and restrooms are located next to the south Lakeview Parkway parking lot.
There is a child’s playground with ball fields located adjacent to the north Lakeview Parkway parking lot.
There is a ball field and a basketball court located adjacent to the Indianwood Drive entrance parking lot.

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