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Welcome to the premier website dedicated to outdoor fun on the beautiful lakes and waterways of Lake County, Illinois.

Fishing, waterskiing, canoeing, sailing, paddle-boarding or kayaking—Lake County has it all—on 75 sparkling lakes and mile after mile of magnificent Lake Michigan shoreline.

Bring your own boat. Take out a rental. Or go for a charter cruise. There are so many ways to enjoy the beauty and fun of Lake County boating.

Something worth screaming about

Congratulations to our Docklines eNewsletter contest winner. Laurie Brennan of New Lenox was the winner of a brand new O’Brien Super Screamer tube. Laurie, her husband Dennis and their son Charlie are sure to enjoy it. They recently acquired a speedboat and judging by the picture, they’ll have plenty of friends to join in the fun. Even “Bobby” the family dog has taken to the tube.

We hope to see you soon in Lake County on one of our 75 beautiful lakes. Enjoy, have fun and be safe.

Storing your Boat for Winter

It’s nearing that time where our beloved boats have to be stored for hibernation over the winter. ‘Why?’ may you ask? Well a lot of detrimental things can happen to your boat due to the cold temperatures. For example you could accelerate wear and tear, more repairs added to your pocket book and possibly a broken boat. When you’re looking to put up your boat in Lake County, there are a few steps to take before making that happen. Here are the tips you need so you don’t sweat your boat during the wintertime. Plastic Tarps – Somewhat of a tent over the vessel. It’s a temporary way of helping prevent mildew, and allow decent airflow. However this can’t be used as long as the canvas frame. This only can last one winter. Shrink wrap – This...Continue reading

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