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Welcome to the premier website dedicated to outdoor fun on the beautiful lakes and waterways of Lake County, Illinois.

Fishing, waterskiing, canoeing, sailing, paddle-boarding or kayaking—Lake County has it all—on 75 sparkling lakes and mile after mile of magnificent Lake Michigan shoreline.

Bring your own boat. Take out a rental. Or go for a charter cruise. There are so many ways to enjoy the beauty and fun of Lake County boating.


4 Reasons Why Boating is Great for Families with Kids...

Finding things to do that you can share with your kids can be challenging. A beautiful day of boating on Lake County lakes and waterways is one guaranteed way to counter the... I don't wanna...that's totally boring...gross...we already did that...and other common responses to spending time together. Here's some fun reasons why boating brings parents and kids together: 1. The sun's so bright, your kids can't see their phone screens. 2. It's close quarters on a boat, so your kids will have to interact with you. 3. You're surrounded by water, so they can't escape to their room. 4. It's just irresistibly fun: tubing, water skiing, picnicking, sunbathing, nature-watching, fishing, on-the-water grilling...your kids will be asking excitedly when they can do it all again. For more information on family-friendly activities in Lake County, be sure to check out our Family...Continue reading

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08/19/16 - 08/21/16

Blarney Island's Fantasy Fest Weekend

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