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Boating comes in many forms, from sleek runabouts and sailboats to the latest trends— kayaking and paddle boarding. Whichever way you enjoy the lake life, you’ll find Lake County Illinois your boating dream come true. Embark and enjoy! is here to be your planning resource.

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Boating Tips to Make your Outing Enjoyable

Spring is here and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming boating season. We’ve checked off some essentials on safety. Just follow these few simple precautions with care—and delight in your time spent on the boat with family and friends. 1. Pay Attention and Be Aware. The simplest safety tip can also be the hardest to follow. The average boater should realize that that main culprit behind boating accidents...Continue reading

Fishing in Lake County: Channel Catfish

It tastes with its body, has cat-like whiskers, and the biggest ones can weigh as much as a seven-year-old boy. It’s the channel catfish. It may be news for some, but channel catfish are delicious. Once you get the thick skin off, you’ll find that the meat is white, crisp and juicy. Breaded and deep-fried, broiled or pan-fried, you’re in for a great meal. Channel catfish are primarily bottom...Continue reading

Fuel for thought: Safe fueling tips

Unlike cars, fueling a boat safely requires more than just ‘filling it up.’ Here are some tips every boater should know. FIRST Get all passengers off the boat. Extinguish any flames (like in onboard grills). Close hatches and ports. START FUELING Attach a “fuel catcher” to the fuel vent. Use an absorbent pad, bib, or fuel collar at the fuel fitting. Calculate the fuel you’ll need using the &lsquo...Continue reading

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