The Prohibition Era on the Fox Chain O’ Lakes

As many know, alcohol was outlawed by the Prohibition law (as well as anti-gaming) from 1919-1933. What many don’t know is that the...Continue reading

Certification for a Boater’s License in Illinois

So it’s nearing the end of the summer, but you’re itching to get on the water a few more times before...Continue reading

Fishing in Lake County in August

Let’s be honest. When you’re in Lake County, it is fishing season year-round. With the temperatures at some of the warmest...Continue reading

Dock and Dine in Lake County

When you’re out on the water having a blast with the wind going through your hair, you could become famished. Wait, you don...Continue reading

Personal Guide to Paddle Boarding

Looking at finally get that oar in the water? Then look no further, we have all the information you need to get out there to...Continue reading

2015 Summer Camping

The weather has finally begun to turn itself around and that means its time to get outdoors! Lake County offers a variety of locations that...Continue reading

Sample Different ‘Flavors’ of Lake County Boating

Sample Different ‘Flavors’ of Lake County Boating There’s a very good reason we’re called “Lake County”: We...Continue reading

Guide to Lake County Beaches

Being a two weeks into summer, I’m sure you’re searching for the best place to unfurl a towel, sink your feet...Continue reading

Rent A Boat In Lake County!

SUMMER TIIIIIIME!!!!!!!  The sun is out, the days are long, and there’s no better time to rent a boat!  Don&rsquo...Continue reading

Thursday Night Blarney Island Boat Races

Is drag racing your forte? There’s a rumble and a thunder on the Chain O’ Lakes as Blarney Island  in Antioch...Continue reading

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