Three knots you should know

Going out on a Lake County lake or waterway? Here are three knots everyone should know for safe boating, mooring and docking.


The figure-eight knot is a ‘multi-use’ knot: Use it to connect two ropes to make a longer line or as a "stopper" knot to prevent the line from slipping through a hole or a gap in a block or a cleat.


The bowline is another essential ‘multi-use’ knot to know. When you form this knot, it creates a fixed loop on the end of the rope or line—which can be used for hitching, mooring or lifting.

Cleating Hitch

Used to attach a line to a cleat on a dock, the cleating hitch is formed by (1) wrapping the line around the base of the cleat, (2) forming one or more figure eights around the cleat, and (3) securing the knot with a half hitch.

If you’re not adept at tying these knots, you soon will be. Get yourself some line and practice at home, so you’ll be ready when you’re on the water in Lake County.

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