Towing? Make sure you’re ‘showing’: Fly your flag!

'Skier-down flag.'

Waterskiing, tubing and wake boarding are great ways to enjoy the lakes and waterways in Lake County. And keeping your passengers safe while they’re in the water is vital. So be aware that a 2015 Illinois state law now requires that any watercraft that is towing a person must display a bright orange or red flag—often called a ‘skier-down flag.’ The flag alerts other boaters there is someone being towed, and if they’re not visible, they could be down and hard to see in the water.

Here are the key requirements for your Skier-Down flag:

  • The flag has to be at least 12 inches per side.
  • It must be displayed from the time the person being towed enters the water until she or he returns to the boat.
  • The flag must fly from the highest part of the area surrounding the boat's helm and be visible from all directions.

So when you’re towing, make sure you’re showing—your ‘skier-down’ flag. You can buy these flags at any sporting goods store or marina. It’s another way to make boating in Lake County safe and fun for everyone.

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